The Cubim game is now available for iOS devices!

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Plus Icon This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Requirements: Compatible with iOS devices running iOS 4.2 or later.

Note: This app will be purchased through the Apple App Store.

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Cubim is a fun and challenging color memorization game that is exciting for the entire family! The rules are easy and simple and both children and adults can play. Challenge your whole family to see who is best at remembering which color goes where!

Cubim offers 24 levels of mind coloring fun. It will surely challenge even the sharpest of wits! The goal is simple: remember what you see. Bonus options and help buttons are available to assist you along the way. Climb Game Center leaderboards, earn achievements, and prove to your peers that your mind has no equal! Master Cubim and sit atop the leaderboards for the world to see!

How To Play:

The screen will briefly show you a set of colored boxes before the colors fade away leaving only the boxes. To pass this level and earn three stars, you must correctly duplicate all the colors in each box with no mistakes. The more mistakes you make the less stars will be awarded and the lower your score will be.

How fast can you remember the colors? Challenge yourself by increasing the difficulty level to make the colors fade faster.


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Game Notes

Basic Scoring

  • Point values for correct plays are based on difficulty
  • 100 points for Easy, 200 for Normal, and 300 for Hard
  • Incorrect plays are worth -100 pints each
  • Bonus multipliers can increase correct play scores
  • Multipliers used on incorrect plays will be lost

Consecutive Play Bonus

  • Can be earned after making two correct plays in a row
  • Adds a multiplier to the score starting at 2x
  • Continued correct plays will increase this multiplier by 1x

Level Stars

  • Up to three stars can be earned for each level
  • Stars are earned based on the number of moves made
  • Earn all three stars for a level by making no incorrect moves

Unlocking Levels

  • Each level must be completed in order to unlock the next
  • At least one star must e earned to complete a level

Pausing the Game

  • The game can be paused by tapping the top of the screen